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Boy shot by BB Gun at Mountain's Edge park

Posted at 9:25 AM, Jun 15, 2017

A child says he was shot just walking in a park near his house.

Rodrigo Franco is 10 years old. He was walking home with his sister through a Mountain's Edge park earlier this week. All of a sudden, he says he heard a pop and his leg started bleeding.

He was hit in the leg with what looks like a BB gun. He was hurting so bad, he couldn't run away. His sister helped him limp home.

The brother and sister say after it happened they could hear the kids nearby laughing, including the possible shooter.

"I hope that they'll stop and I hope that nobody else gets hurt," said Rodrigo.

"I mean, it's shooting a kid in the leg and if they're laughing they definitely don't know what they're doing," said Gisela Franco, Rodrigo's sister.

A quick acting neighbor tried to help the boy who was hurt in a mountain's edge park before officers arrived.

Rodrigo's mother called the neighbors to tell them her son had been shot walking home. One of them tried to follow the possible shooter and talk to them. He asked them to wait for police but they did not.

"This isn't normal and that's why it's so scary. I mean to shoot somebody and laugh about it, I mean, that's sick," said Brandon Westly, the victim's neighbor.

Police came and took a report, but they haven't made an arrest.