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Body cameras reveal 1 October heroics

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 09:55:59-04

Newly-released body camera footage from the night of the 1 October massacre shed new light on how a pair of Las Vegas police officers helped in an Arizona woman's miraculous recovery.

The officers in the video have not been identified, but it begins as they are racing in their patrol vehicle toward the Route 91 Harvest Festival site from the east side of the property.

Latest release of Las Vegas mass shooting materials contains hours of video, 911 calls

It is clear from the officer in the passenger seat grabbing a shotgun and a radio dispatch advising, "Be advised. Automatic fire fully automatic fire coming from an elevated position. Take cover." that the officers were expecting the worst.

The officer wearing the body camera is seen loading a shell into the shotgun as he exits the vehicle near Giles Street and Reno Avenue.

They quickly realized their role was to help the thousands fleeing the concert as gunfire continued.

"Keep going everyone keep going," the officer is heard yelling.

Things changed once again when those same officers noticed all of the injured.

 "They need help. They need help," one officer is heard saying.

Although the faces and bodies are blurred you can tell a man walks up carrying a woman who he tells the officers needs help.   

After seeing the extent of the injuries the officers got the man and woman into their patrol vehicle, which quickly became an ambulance.

"I am en route to UMC with a gunshot victim. Woman with a gunshot wound to the head," the officer radioed to dispatchers.

Although the video was blurred, the family has confirmed the woman in the video is Jovanna Calzadillas.

The man carrying her and encouraging her to hang on as officers raced toward the hospital, her husband Francisco Calzadillas.

The officers got the couple to University Medical Center and into the care of doctors, just seven months after finding them on the sidewalk.

Calzadillas making a miraculous recovery, leaving an Arizona hospital just three and a half months after the shooting.

Her husband telling 13 Action News she continues to make stride adding he remains in contact with the officers who raced them to hospital.