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Local doctor shares allergy tips during Vegas' recent high winds

Posted at 5:57 PM, Sep 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 22:40:13-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — If you have been outside lately, you've probably been sneezing more than usual thanks to the blowing winds.

Thursday was a clear day, but it was also breezy, which means a trip to the park for families to enjoy the weather could also have brought a few allergies with it.

"It feels good, but the wind definitely picks up lots of allergens," local Gabrielle Buris said.

The recent winds can cause more sneezing fits, and this irritated 3-year-old Ivy during her visit to the park.

"She has a tough time with it. She has a prescription she has to take and stuff like that when it kicks up really bad. Mainly just a lot of itchy eyes, itchy nose and stuff like that," Buris, Ivy's aunt, said.

It's not unusual to get the sniffles this time of year. Dr. Vincent Nalbone with the Sinus Relief Center says the valley's low humidity and native plants are significant factors.

"There's a lot of plants that grow and pollinate and there's a lot of airborne things that happen in the spring and fall," he said.

Nalbone also said there are thousands of potential allergens in the air, irritating a wide range of people.

"They can range from an airborne thing like pollen and dust, or it could also be things or other irritants," Nalbone said.

Resident Lillian Ferrer also can get sensitive to the elements blowing in the air but said she gets relief by using lots of tissues.

"Normally I usually go through like six to seven a day, but it has been so much here right now that I've gone through half a pack," Ferrer said.

"Things that help get rid of allergy symptoms are using either pills, sprays or rinse your nose trying to clear the allergens out," Nalbone said.

Some preventative measures he also suggested include pretreating with pills to help keep symptoms away, using a mask, or staying away from areas where allergens are present.

For Buris, she says it's best to know what exactly is causing the stuffy nose.

"Maybe try to figure out what they're allergic to, that way you know what to stay away from and what you can do to help," Buris said.