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Bill to allow companies to rent out Clark County School District buses passes Senate

Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 21:46:19-04

A bill that would allow Clark County School District school buses to be rented out for private events passed the Nevada Senate unanimously.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Patricia Farley (I-Las Vegas), says when major events come to Las Vegas, like the Electric Daisy Carnival and NASCAR races, transportation companies often don't have enough supply for the extra visitors. She says instead of contracting out of state, those companies should be able to use CCSD buses.

The bill, SB164, would allow CCSD to rent out their buses and decide how much they'll charge for those rentals. The money would go toward funding the school district.

Parents 13 Action News spoke with said they think it's a good idea if it means more money for education, but some were concerned about having buses used for raves or concerts. Farley says the program has been successful in other states where this has been done.

CCSD says they were neutral on the bill. If it passes, it's not clear whether they would actually decide to go through with it.  

In a statement, they said they would "study the issue and weigh possible benefits against liability issues before making a decision to participate in this type of program."

The bill will now go to the Assembly for a final vote before heading to the governor.