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Bill Clinton visits neighborhood barbershop ahead of Steve Aoki event

Posted at 12:58 PM, Nov 01, 2016

President Bill Clinton was back in Las Vegas on Thursday to campaign for his wife Hillary.

He joined musician, producer and philanthropist Steve Aoki at his a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) performance at UNLV for Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ticket. The performance is part of the Love Trumps Hate concert series.

Before the event, Clinton made a stop by Hair Unlimited barbershop near Washington Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

He was also supposed to meet with employees at Caesar's Palace, but he canceled the event.

The people in the barbershop were excited to meet Clinton. Camera phones came out in full force when he walked in. He shook hands, took selfies, and joked around with the employees and patrons.

Clinton took a picture holding buzzers over a man's head, and joked, "This man's whole future is in danger."

"A lot of people got to meet him and stuff like that so I think it was great that they chose my shop to come by," said Mack Smith Jr., the barbershop's owner.

Smith grew up not far from the president's town in Arkansas.

"He's from Hope, Arkansas. I'm from Bradley," he said. "That's an hour away from each other so I go up to Hope a lot. They have a big watermelon festival up there and so we got there to that. My family is still down there."

Clinton wasn't there long, but he made an impression on the people he met.

"I really appreciated him coming to our community and sharing his love with us," said Roshonda Harris Smith, one of Clinton's fans.