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Bengal tiger attacks founder of Keepers of the Wild in Arizona during storm

Posted at 5:25 AM, Apr 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-25 15:01:30-04

A former illusionist on the Las Vegas Strip is recovering from a tiger attack at Keepers of the Wild in Arizona.

Jonathan Kraft is the founder and executive director of the nature park. He received multiple injuries on Monday from Bowie, a Bengal tiger.

The attack happened during a storm with heavy rain, lightning, thunder and hail.

According to a Facebook post, Kraft was trying to help several large cats reach shelter when a safety protocol failed, resulting in the incident.

Kraft was initially transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center. From there, he was transported to Las Vegas for further treatment.

He suffered multiple wounds and 2 broken bones. His recovery is expected to take several months.

The 11-year-old tiger is fine and resting in his habitat. The tiger, which was formerly a pet, will not be euthanized. The nature park is calling the attack an "accident" and Kraft says that is was his fault.

The attack on Monday is the second by a tiger in a matter of days. A zookeeper at the Topeka Zoo was mauled on Saturday. She received puncture wounds to her head, neck, back and arms.

Kraft was the first entertainer in Las Vegas to stop using big cats in his act and began urging other entertainers to do the same. Kraft performed at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

One of the most famous tiger attacks in history also involved an entertainer on the Las Vegas Strip.

Roy Horn was attacked on stage in 2003 in front of approximately 1,500 people. Roy was severely injured and the attack ended the famous "Siegfried & Roy" show on the Strip.

Keepers of the Wild, which is a nonprofit organization, has rescued hundreds of animals over the past 24 years. The sanctuary, which is located about 2 hours of Las Vegas near Kingman, is investigating the incident.