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Bee swarm terrifies North Las Vegas couple

Posted at 7:05 AM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 10:05:56-04

A swarm of bees terrified a North Las Vegas couple living near Centennial and Tropical parkways.

Wesley Savala says he was working on the shed in his yard when a buzzing noise got louder and louder.  Immediately, he ran into his home and closed the door.

"They were coming from between these houses right here," said Savala.

Cell phone video shows the swarm circling in the sky. Savala says the bees settled into a tree on a neighbor's property.

"It was about that wide, probably about that tall," he said.

The couple was concerned for the safety of those living nearby.

"This lady has like 2 kids, there's 4 over here, [and] there's 3 across the street," said Merichia Brown.

Brown and Savala warned the neighbors before contacting police.

"They told me not to call because it's not an emergency," she said.

Here are some important reminders for this bee swarming season:

  • First, do not call 911 unless someone is in danger.
  • If bees start to swarm around you, experts say you should immediately leave the area.
  • It's best to seek shelter in an enclosed preferably cold place.
  • The best tip is to avoid disturbing nest.

Brown began researching the issue and learning a lot about bees. "Dogs barking – anything like that can trigger these bees," she said.

Finally, you'll have to pay for the removal of hives on private property. For more information, you can contact the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Bee Hotline at (702) 229-2000.