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Backyard skatepark near Twain and Tenaya upsetting some neighbors

Posted at 7:04 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-29 22:11:29-04

A Las Vegas valley man says his neighbor's skatepark takes noise and nuisance to a new level.

It's a half-pipe owned by Marco de Santi, a professional inline skater.

De Santi has won X Games medals and says having his own half-pipe has always been a dream of his. The two-story structure is in his backyard near Twain Avenue and Tenaya Way.

"We've never had any complaints from anyone and we often ask our neighbors to tell us if it's any bother," said Caroline Luzon, de Santi's fiancee.

Baltzer Hess is bothered by it. He lives across the street.

"We bought our home in this neighborhood because it's peaceful and quiet and serene," Hess said. "This is just going to absolutely take that way out of whack."

Hess says he's worried de Santi will use his backyard for commercial events, but de Santi says that's not the case. De Santi says he hasn't used the half-pipe in months.

Hess says last summer there was a competition with at least 40 people and loud music.

"It was a regular huge carnival-style atmosphere for 12 hours 30 feet from my backyard," Hess said. De Santi says it was his birthday party with friends and no money was involved.

Now, de Santi is applying for a permit for the half-pipe. A petition has been launched to help de Santi keep his half-pipe in his backyard.

The Spring Valley Town Advisory board recommended him for approval. The Clark County Planning Commission will make a final decision at an Aug. 15 meeting.