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Back-to-school supplies could cost as much as a mortgage payment

Posted at 8:27 AM, Aug 14, 2018

Back-to-school shopping is not over. Many students get more detailed supply lists the first day.

If you thought you'd already spent a lot of money, get ready for a nasty surprise because all those back-to-school supplies could cost as much as a mortgage payment. 

Numbers from Huntington Bank show the average elementary school student needs $662 worth of supplies. Parents of middle schoolers can expect to pay around $1,001. Worst of all, supplies for high school clock in around $1,489. 

If that chafes, try this on for size: An average 30-year fixed rate mortgage in Las Vegas runs around $1,300.

There are ways to save if you have shopping to do.

"I just love to shop. My mom named me Channelle like clearly she knew something," said Channelle Beller, a mother of a teenager.

Beller is always bargain hunting online. She suggests buying from stores close to you so returning is a breeze, which is helpful for rapidly growing teenagers.

"When kids are growing it's expensive because I might buy him a pair of shoes like I said for $60 that he can wear for a month or two," said Beller.

If you'd rather go in person, thrift stores like Savers hold surprises. From jeans to shoes, 98 percent of the adult clothing at Savers is less than $10. Plus, Mondays everything is half off.

"I think a lot of people look down on it, but there are some who think it's cool because they like unique things," said Alicia Sanchez, a tenth grade student.

A little Savers tip: Always look on the right hand side of the rack. That's where the newest stuff is going to be. Each week they put out new items and the newest ones have a different colored tag.