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Avoiding post office shipping stress this holiday season

Posted at 7:53 AM, Dec 19, 2017

If you still have gifts to mail out hope is not lost!

You do have time. December 19 is the last day to mail something first class and get it to someone by Christmas day. You can mail something priority as late as Wednesday, December 20, and priority mail express gives you until Friday, December 22. Putting it off will cost you. Priority mail express starts at $23.75.

There are six automated postal machines across the valley and you can use them even after the post office closes.

A lot of labels and postage you can print from home. If you must come in, the lunch hour and the hour before closing are typically the busiest.

There's one thing you should always say when you make it to the front of the line

"Our letter carriers are tired, but they are working very hard. If you see them give them a good thank you," said Gene Barton, a spokesman for the United States Postal Service.