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Avid cyclist reflects on dangers of riding

Bicyclist killed, 2 others injured in Henderson
Posted at 10:23 AM, Oct 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-29 13:23:29-04

Chris Perlewitz can’t get enough of the open road.

“I go out, I get to spend some time with good friends and get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.”

An avid cyclist here in the valley for the past 25 years, Chris says as fun as cycling can be, he also knows the dangers.

Last year, Perlewitz experienced it first hand after he was hit by a car while biking near Town Center and the 215.

Perlewitz says he luckily to be alive, but has seen far too many crashes where cyclists haven't been as lucky.


"People are going to work and coming home to work at all hours of the day so try to be as visible as possible," said Perlewitz.

As recently as Saturday morning, one cyclist was killed and two others were  the hospital after they were hit by an SUV near Inspirada and Volunteer in Henderson.

“It happens too often.”

Henderson Police says this crash is the eighth one so far this year that ended with a fatality.

And by advocating for bike safety, Perlewtiz wants make sure fellow cyclists and drivers keep each other in mind.


"We can all be safe on both ends of the spectrum than if you were in fewer incidents will happen," says Perlewitz. “A vehicle will always win a battle between  a car and cyclist.”