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As people rushed for help, doctors and nurses recall amount of patients that packed hospital

Posted at 9:00 AM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-05 12:00:36-04

As people rushed for help after the shooting Sunday night many landed in the emergency room at Sunrise Hospital.

Nurse Jessica Weisgerber remembers walking into the hospital, which was filled with many more patients than she could have expected.

"It really kind of made me paralyzed for a bit," Weisgerber said.

Weisgerber has been a nurse at Sunrise Hospital's ER for the past 8 years, but she says she had never seen the amount of blood she saw Sunday night.

"Everything seem to be have blood, I mean it was just everywhere," Weisgerber said. "The smell of the iron in the air from all the blood, the yelling. It's hard to break it all away."

Sunrise Hospital took in more than 200 patients in about 3 hours. Doctors and Nurses described the front entrance of the hospital as a parking lot with cars full of people who needed immediate help.

"The ambulances were pouring in, pick up trucks with patients, homemade stretchers," said Head Nurse Dorita Sondereker.

Inside the hospital, doctors including Kevin Menes examined patients. Menes said he had the tough task of determining which patients needed immediate care and which could wait.

"These patients were great they looked at me and said 'doc I'm good, I'm good It's not me its this guy that's hurt'," Menes recalls.

While not everyone made it, there is no question these doctors gave it their all during this horrific tragedy.

"No matter how much hurt your have inside you know it's mixed with that feeling of pride," Weisgerber said.