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Police: Stolen drugs motive for kidnapping

Posted at 11:52 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 03:09:56-04

A pair of kidnapping suspects were reportedly looking for stolen drugs when police say they beat and tortured a woman.

Police say Joshua James and Jessy Avila wanted information on a man they say stole half a kilo of black tar heroin.
The victim told police three men broke into her apartment last Thursday night and forced her into an SUV at gunpoint.
She was then taken to James' apartment on Walnut Road near Lake Mead Boulevard.

Once there police say the victim told them, "James struck her in the head and then covered her eyes and the front of her face with duct tape."
The report continued to describe what the victim says happened over the next few hours as she was repeatedly beaten.

"Sanders stated her hands were placed in zip ties used as handcuffs," according to the arrest report. "Her hands were removed from the zip ties and that a type of torch was used on her hands and she was partially burned."
The victim told police the men were asking where “D” was, and she told them she had no idea.
"She stated that 'D' supposedly stole a 1/2 kilo of Black Tar Heroin from Snoopy," the report said.
The victim told police she was finally able to convince Avila to cut the zip ties off her hands.
She said she then escaped to a nearby convenience store when both men fell asleep.
Both men were arrested after an hours long standoff with police and are facing number of charges.