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Police: Man tortured before last week's fire

Posted at 7:10 PM, Mar 14, 2016

An arrest report details that a man was tortured before the house was intentionally set on fire last week.

Luis Castro and Edward Honabach are facing attempted murder, battery, mayhem, kidnapping, extortion and robbery charges in the incident involving Jose Ortiz-Salazar at a home near Oakey Boulevard and Eastern Avenue.


Fabiola Jimenez was also arrested. Read her arrest report here.

An arrest report says that the victim's ankles, knees and hands were tied, his throat slashed, his chest stabbed, his fingernails pulled off and his pinky finger partially amputated, among other injuries. Police said Ortiz-Salazar eventually pretended he was dead. The home was then set on fire.

Cell phone video shows Good Samaritans who heard Ortiz-Salazar yelling for help after police said he hopped out of the residence. They took him to the front yard and worked alongside paramedics to stop the bleeding.

According to the arrest report, the victim was brought to the vacant house by force when the suspects demanded money from Ortiz-Salazar. The victim's girlfriend told police he agreed to pay Castro $50 for helping with his broken down car.

Salazar was eventually able to communicate with police in his hospital bed.