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UPDATE: Former teacher granted bail

Posted at 12:51 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 18:47:07-04

UPDATE: Former Desert Pines High School science teacher Jonathan Scheaffer was granted $100,000 bail on June 8. Scheaffer is now facing more than 30 charges, including first-degree kidnapping, battery to commit sexual assault, sexual assault against a child, and sex act between school employee and pupil.

Scheaffer will be placed on house arrest and will not be allowed to have any contact with his alleged victim. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Aug. 31. The newly-filed charges could result in life in prison for the former teacher.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- The arrest report for the 23-year-old former Las Vegas high school science teacher and girls' swimming coach has been released.

Jonathan Scheaffer made an initial court appearance on Monday. His attorney says that Scheaffer and the girl had a consensual relationship that ended more than a year ago, and the teacher had received permission from the girl's mother at the time.

The arrest report reveals quite a few details about the relationship between the pair.

According to the student, she and the teacher were in a relationship for approximately 10 months. The student says that she and Scheaffer met in his classroom and began chatting via the Line app because of their common interests, which included anime.

The student says the teacher soon admitted to liking someone he shouldn't and she was really confused because she had never been in a relationship before.

The relationship took place from approximately November 2014 to June 2015.

The student claims that Scheaffer pressured her into sex and she finally gave consent. The first time, she claims that she was shaking and crying and really not wanting to do it because she was a virgin. But, she knew he would not stop until they did it. The student says that she was depressed after the first time and did not want to talk to him anymore.

The student told the police how Scheaffer tried to get her ready physically to have sex for the first time.  

The girl also told police that Scheaffer would rub her leg at school and how she bit him playfully one day and he grabbed her by the neck. The student says that she could not breathe and her throat was messed up afterwards.

The report also describes how the student's mother knew about the relationship and many of their encounters took place in the girl's residence. According to the girl, they would go out to eat approximately 3 times a week and she also visited both of his apartments during their relationship.

The pair eventually broke up and the girl deleted everything from her phone connected to the teacher.

In an interview with the police, Scheaffer initially denied having an inappropriate relationship with any of his students. Later, he admitted to developing a crush on the student in question and it was "really bad."

He told police that he admitted his crush in October 2014 and the student told him a week later that she wanted him to be her first kiss.

After the kiss, he broke up with his girlfriend in Korea. He told police that he met the girl's mother and soon after that, the two of them began spending time at her place.

Scheaffer told police that the girl had a "daddy complex" and it made him uncomfortable. He says that they tried the "daddy thing," but it was non-sexual.

Scheaffer admitted that the pair had oral sex and he tried to get her ready physically to have sex, but they never had intercourse. He also admitted that he choked her once, but not in a violent way. He claims that she wanted to experience BDSM. He told detectives that he also spanked the girl. He told detectives that he also spanked the girl.

The relationship ended in June 2015 and the last time they spoke was in his classroom this year when she asked if they could still be friends and asked for a letter of recommendation.

When she came back later for the letter, he told her that he would "probably never have" the letter and she left. That was the last time they spoke, according to him.

Scheaffer told police he also deleted everything from his phone, but he did admit to sending the girl revealing photos during their relationship.

The relationship was initially reported to the police by a substitute teacher. The police also spoke with the girl's mother. It's not clear why the relationship was not reported until this year.