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AROUND TOWN: Sleep tips on National Napping Day

Posted at 9:56 AM, Mar 11, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Do you feel like you lost that extra hour of sleep, because of Daylight Saving Time? Well, there's a nap for that.

Today is National Napping Day. Founded in 1999 by a Boston University Professor, its an effort to spotlight the health benefits to catching up on quality sleep.

13 Action News went around town to Fashion Show Mall, to take a Nap. We checked out the "Napin Pods" as a place to escape, and get some well deserved shut eye. These machines allow you to take a snooze for 30 minutes or more. Which is just the perfect time for a nap.

We spoke to Board Certified Family Medicine, Dr. Daliah. She says that, "On the average naps should be no longer than 1 hour, and those quick catnaps may not be good for your health."

Dr. Dalia also said the following factors can prevent you from sleeping well:

- Alcohol consumption to fall asleep
- Cell phone/computer usage before bed
- Pets sleeping in the bed with you
- Working certain shifts (including overnights)

Whatever your schedule calls for, hopefully you can catch some z's on this National Napping Day.