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Arkansas senator blasts Harry Reid

Posted at 1:39 PM, May 26, 2016

It will come as no surprise to people who pay attention to these sort of things, but Sen. Tom Cotton from Arkansas really does not like Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

The freshman senator apparently became upset with Reid on Wednesday after he bashed the GOP for rushing through a massive defense bill.

"I'm forced to listen to the bitter, vulgar, incoherent ramblings of the minority leader. Normally like other Americans I ignore them, I can't ignore them today," Cotton said. "When was the last time the minority leader read a bill? It was probably an electricity bill."

Cotton also commented on Reid's protestations over the Senate GOP's short schedule.

"Whatever you think about that, the happy byproduct of fewer days in session in the Senate is that this institution will be cursed less with his cancerous leadership," Cotton said.

When Reid returned to the floor, he replied:

"I think it would distract from what we're doing here today to go into the statements by the very junior senator from Arkansas."

Cotton, who is an Iraq war veteran, is the youngest member of the Senate at the age of 39.

The Washington Post published a story about the incident on Wednesday with the headline "Sen. Tom Cotton really, really, really doesn't like Harry Reid."

After the article was published, Cotton sent the following tweet.