Arizona man fakes Down syndrome, hires caregivers to bathe him and change diapers

A Gilbert, Arizona man was arrested for pretending to have Down syndrome and hiring caregivers to bathe him and change his diapers. 

Police say they arrested 31-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca on Sept. 6 at his home.

Menchaca reportedly posed as "Amy" and hired a caregiver to bathe and change the diapers of her son with Down syndrome.

The first victim later reported to police that she assisted Menchaca with diaper changes and baths on 30 occasions over the summer. These happened at various locations in the greater Phoenix area. 

A second and third victim took over caregiving duties starting in July. Police say the three victims all know each other, and all said Menchaca would become sexually aroused as he was being bathed. 

At one point, the first victim became suspicious and followed Menchaca to his actual home, after he was dropped off by another caregiver. 

She knocked on the door and met Menchaca's parents, then discovered he does not have Down syndrome or need diapers. 

All three victims confronted Menchaca who admitted to lying to them. 

Menchaca, who listed his employment as a school crossing guard, has been charged with fraudulent schemes and sexual abuse.

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