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Answers sought in Mojave High deadly shooting

Posted at 8:21 AM, Nov 25, 2015
The mother of a murdered teen wants justice, urging anyone with information to speak out.
Taylor Brantley, 16, was killed Friday in an after-school shooting.
North Las Vegas police are only saying at this point that the investigation is active and no suspect is in custody.
To ask about the lack of information being released, we spoke to retired Lt. Randy Sutton, Channel 13 Action News' crime and safety expert. Sutton says Brantley's murder is a complex case that takes time to investigate properly.
For example, there were at least 40 people there when the shooting happened. The large number of witnesses could make the investigation more complicated.
"That's a monumental task of trying to track down 50 witnesses, interviewing each one of them separately, (and) getting permissions because many of them are going to be juveniles."
Interviewing teenagers who may be gang-affiliated presents its own challenges.
Sutton said investigators need to determine the credibility of each witness.
"Police work is tedious, police work is methodical and it has to come to the proper conclusion," he said.
Police say they will soon release a description of the suspect.