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Another neighborhood falls victim to mail theft

Posted at 11:48 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 08:46:23-05
Another Summerlin neighborhood has fallen victim to mail theft. They've been hit multiple times. This time, in Autumn Ridge, near Desert Inn Road and Highway 215.
"It's screwed up. I mean this is the United States Postal Service. It's supposed to be secure, reliable, accountable service -- and it's not!" said Adrienne Paraspolo.
What's worse is the residents feel nothing is being done to prevent it from happening again.
"Everybody here is nervous because this is not the first time this has happened. And to be treated like so what it's just your mail?! 
Paraspolo says she's speaking for at least seven of her neighbors. One of them had checks and credit cards stolen while another had two weeks worth of mail stolen.
"Why weren't the boxes built more securely to begin with? I mean they are kind of flimsy. I could probably go down there with a screwdriver and just pop it out....the whole thing opens up!
Paraspolo tried calling the Post Office multiple times but had no luck getting through.
"We try both post offices, nobody picks up. So when I went in person, she goes, 'Oh no we're too slammed to pick up the phone, we take it off the hook,'" she said.
Paraspolo says a postal worker told her 3,000 boxes have been hit by thieves in the valley in recent months. This leaves Paraspolo and her neighbors wanting just one thing.
"I'm not asking for much. I'm just asking for my mail to be delivered....safely."
USPS told Paraspolo, unless their box was completely damaged and unusable, they would not be getting a newer, more secure mailbox anytime soon.