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Another family says their child was refused the right to the bathroom

Posted at 11:17 PM, Oct 12, 2016
We’re now hearing from hundreds of outraged parents after our report on a middle school student who wet his pants after his teacher refused to let him leave class to go to the bathroom. Many parents are saying something similar happened to their child too.
A new family said when they weren’t getting what they wanted from the Clark County School District, they said they had to no choice but to turn to 13 Action News.
“There’s really no excuse as to why someone would allow a child to sit there and basically relieve himself in front of his classmates, you know?” said Teo Ramirez, father of the 6-year old who also had an accident at Sheila Tarr Academy.
Ramirez says his first grader was potty trained at a very young age and he never has any accidents.
“When she (the nurse) called me and told me that, I was like what? Something had to of happened because our son just doesn’t do that!”
Ramirez’s son says he asked to go to the bathroom twice.
“He was telling me that he basically had asked her twice and that on the second time, when he asked her, she came up to his desk and leaned into him and said you know, I don’t care, you can go in your pants.”
So that’s exactly what the first grader did. He went to the bathroom in his pants.
The little boy is not alone, hundreds commented on our original story on Facebook about a middle schooler who had an accident because his teacher would not let him go either. 
“It’s extremely upsetting and the face that there’s so many kids this has happened to, obviously there’s something that needs to be done about it.”
Ramirez’s son is now in a different class with a different teacher at Sheila Tarr Academy. Ramirez is not satisfied because he asked the school to provide some proof of the transfer and the reason why. According to Ramirez, the school refused to provide documentation.
“The incident did occur, so other than us saying what happened and them acknowledging it on the day that it happened, there’s no documentation that we are aware of that it ever even occured.”
CCSD says they are looking into the incident for us.
After the other incident, CCSD told 13 Action News they are working on educating their teachers to let the students go to the bathroom anytime that they ask.