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Animal Foundation waiving reclaim fees through July 10

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Posted at 4:14 PM, Jul 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-04 14:25:43-04

The Animal Foundation is waiving reclaim fees on all lost and stray animals at the shelter from July 1-10.

More pets are lost during the week of July 4th than any other time of year.

From July 1-10 of 2020, The Animal Foundation took in 412 lost and frightened animals, many of whom had escaped while seeking safety from loud neighborhood fireworks displays. Only 23% of those animals were reclaimed by their owners.

“As you get ready for the holidays, please take time to consider your pets,” said Christi Dineff, Director of Lifesaving Programs at The Animal Foundation. “Fireworks and other loud noises can increase anxiety and may cause pets to panic and jump a fence or run away to find safety, so it’s important to keep your pet inside your home in a secure area, such as a crate, laundry room, or bathroom.”

If your pet becomes lost, explore your neighborhood, check with your neighbors, post them on social media and register them as lost at lost.petcolove.org.

Go to animalfoundation.com/lostandfound and search their database, which is updated regularly. If you see your pet on The Animal Foundation website, please make an appointment to reclaim your animal by emailing lostandfound@animalfoundation.com. To claim your lost pet at the shelter, you must bring proof of ownership (e.g. a photo of your pet, veterinary records, proof of rabies vaccine, or microchip number). Proof of citizenship is not required. If someone loses a pet, they should go HERE. to see what steps to take.

Similarly, if you find a lost pet, it’s very likely that they live close by. A majority of dogs who go missing stay in their neighborhood. A recent study found most lost dogs are found less than a mile from their homes. Forty-two percent are less than a block from their homes.

By attempting to locate the owner yourself, the pet can avoid a stressful trip to the animal shelter. You can use social media such as Nextdoor and Facebook, post the pet to lost.petcolove.org, and walk the pet through your neighborhood to see if someone may recognize the animal. If a person finds a pet, they should go HERE to see what steps to take.

Lost dogs brought to The Animal Foundation are legally required to be held for 72 hours.

The waived fees during the holiday period, made possible through participation by the City of Las Vegas, the City of North Las Vegas, and Clark County, includes fees for impound, boarding, rabies vaccination, and microchip, as set by the respective jurisdictions.