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Animal Foundation helping pets like Kevin Bacon find forever homes

Posted at 9:11 AM, Mar 05, 2018

Just a few months into the year and The Animal Foundation is getting creative after taking in some big and unusual pets.

Kevin Bacon is a pot-bellied pig in need of a permanent home. The Animal Foundation took him in and named him.

They also found several roosters; two of them are named Mayfeather and Chick Jagger.

"It takes a lot to keep it running, but we doin' good. You know it's a fight, but at the end we'll probably win it," said Jovie Edwards, an animal care supervisor for The Animal Foundation.

The Animal Foundation doesn't refuse animals. They have to rely on hundreds of volunteer partners all over the valley to foster the animals until they can find permanent homes.

Some of the animals they take in are pretty big.

"We had a 1,600-pound bull that everybody probably seen on the news that came to us and yeah that was my buddy for a few days until he got adopted," said Edwards.

With all these animals coming in every day, the funny names have a purpose. They bring attention to animals that might otherwise go unnoticed.

"Doesn't matter how many we take in in a day's time, when you see a few go home that's definitely rewarding," said Edwards.