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Animal Foundation found a way to keep pets with their original owners

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 17, 2018

The Animal Foundation found a new way to help keep pets with their families. The Keeping Every Person and Pet Together (KEPPT) program has now been around for a full year.

The program aims to keep animals out of the shelter and keep them with their original owners.

"Most people have no idea we have this," said KEPPT Coordinator Monique Hanson.

Sometimes people come to the shelter and try to surrender their pet for a multitude of different reasons.

In some cases, the family can no longer afford food or other supplies. In other cases, they need help with a boarding situation while they figure out where they are going to live. Other times, they need help getting the cat or dog a necessary surgery.

KEPPT is there to interfere and help provide whatever the family needs to keep their pet so it doesn't wind up at the shelter.

"We sit them down and counsel them and explain how we could possibly help them," said Hanson.

The program has been successful for hundreds of families already. They work on a case by case basis.