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Angry parents punch school bus window

Posted at 6:37 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 10:41:47-04

A heated argument between a school bus driver and some parents left one Clark County School District bus damaged. Now, one of those parents is speaking out, saying she's fed up with her child being late to school.

CCSD police say a parent punched a window of the bus out of frustration Thursday morning near Flamingo Road and Cabana Drive. Several other parents are also frustrated. 

"All the parents are concerned about it," says one frustrated parents, Shaneita Kelly. "It's ridiculous." 

Kelly says since school started, her child has been late to school, missing parts of class. She says her child has come home late and has even been left behind at school. 

On Thursday morning, parents say the bus was late again, and they had enough.  

13 Action News got some answers from CCSD. They tell us this particular bus is on an overflow route. That means as the bus continues along its route, it could pick up more and more students depending on how much space is on the bus, potentially impacting pickup and dropoff times.  

Kelly argues there has to be a better system. 

"Don't leave somebody's kid at school," says Kelly.  "She could have been raped, murdered, kidnapped, anything!"

No arrests were made Thursday morning, and no tickets were issued. CCSD police say that could change as they complete their investigation.