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Amputee baseball team plays in Las Vegas

Posted at 6:10 PM, May 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 21:33:36-04

A first of its kind baseball team hit the field Saturday at Canyon Springs High School.

The Warriors are the first in the Men's Adult/Senior Baseball League to have all amputee players.

"Being part of a team where everyone has a disability. it makes it very interesting," says player Todd Reid, who lost a portion of his leg during Operation Desert Storm. "It's even more fun when we get to go out there and play able-bodied teams and were able to beat them."

The team is in Las Vegas for the weekend, playing against other teams in their league for the Las Vegas Open. 

“The way they play ball… you wouldn't even know that anyone has a disability,” says Todd.

But despite what some would say is a setback, the players say their disability is what bonds the team together.

"We've all become more of a family," says Josh Stevens, pitcher. "We can be ourselves because some people who aren't disabled don't understand what we go through."

The players also say their disability motivates them to not give up.

"We don't consider it a disability, we're just a little different than everybody else," says Reid. "But we go out there and have fun."

The Warrior's next game will be against the D-Bat Angels on Sunday at Durango High School.