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Witnesses say Ammar Harris bragged about Strip shooting

Posted at 11:37 AM, May 11, 2013
and last updated 2015-10-09 16:08:46-04

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some details about what led up to a deadly shooting and an explosive crash on the Las Vegas Strip have been a mystery until now. 

A grand jury indictment fills in many of the gaps from the February night Ammar Harris allegedly shot and killed Kenneth Cherry Jr., causing a crash that left a cab driver and passenger dead. 

Passengers in the Range Rover said Harris was not only responsible for killing three people, but that he boasted as though he was proud of what he did. 

According to a friend of Ammar Harris, the night took a deadly turn outside Aria when a fight broke out between Harris and Kenny Cherry Jr. -- first verbal, then physical. The two then drove off down Las Vegas Boulevard. 

The passenger told an attorney for the state that Harris rolled up to the Maserati and asked Cherry a question. Cherry said "I don't know you." That's when Harris shot him, the passenger said. 

The witness said Harris began celebrating loudly while other women in the Range Rover were crying. She said Harris told them all to get down before firing four or five more shots as they drove through the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard. 

"He shot him the first time and then drove through the light, but they were coming up behind us and then he started shooting again but I didn't see that, I just heard it," the witness said. 

Police said Cherry lost control of his vehicle after he was shot and killed, causing a fiery crash that killed two more people and injured six others. 

According to court testimony, Harris then headed to the Los Angeles area with two other female friends, one of whom told a grand jury Harris continued to brag. 

"He said 'I just killed three people and injured six,'" the witness said. "He had a lot of energy. He was moving around. He seemed excited." 

That last witness went on to say she overheard Harris talking about having the other passengers in the Range Rover killed, simply because he feared they knew too much. 

The criminal case against Harris continues on Monday morning.