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The search for Ammar Harris continues

Posted at 9:31 PM, Feb 27, 2013

One week and there are still no arrests after a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip led to a fiery crash and three people dead.  Police continue to search for Ammar Harris. He's the man accused of firing the shots that set off a deadly chain reaction.

We've heard Harris on home video, seen him on billboards, and in mug shots from his criminal past. Police say he's been arrested in places like Georgia and Miami. The black Range Rover police say Harris was in is all that police have been able to find.

Late Wednesday, police announced Yenesis Alfonso aka Teenisha Howard of Miami is no longer a person of interest. Police said  she was in the Range Rover during the shooting.

Around the valley, people are wondering where Harris could be hiding. Many feel he's hiding out with friends here in town. Others guess he's as far away as Mexico.