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Las Vegas police mistakenly distribute pictures of reality TV star as person of interest

Posted at 5:06 AM, Feb 28, 2013
and last updated 2015-10-09 19:40:20-04

 Investigators with the Las Vegas police are now saying the woman they were looking for after a deadly shooting on the Las Vegas Strip is no longer a person of interest and their search may lead to a lawsuit.

It was one week ago that the shooting and explosion shut down the Las Vegas Strip and police have named a suspect that they say is behind it all.

Ammar Harris is still on the run. Police say that he opened fire on a car driving by Kenneth Cherry Jr.

Cherry then crashed into a taxi killing the two people inside.

The search for Harris led Las Vegas police to release a picture of person of interest named Tineesha Howard, also known as Yenesis Alfonzo.

Her involvement has now been ruled out but not before the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released some pictures of who they thought was Howard.

However, the picture was actually of a Florida woman and reality TV star named Tasha Malek.

She is now speaking out and saying that she had nothing to do with the shooting and wasn't even in Las Vegas.

Malek posted this message on her Twitter account "THE REAL STORY ... MISTAKEN IDENTITY! I'M NOT INVOLVED."

Malek has retained a lawyer and is now threatening to sue LVMPD.

Malek stars in Oxygen Channel's "Bad Girls Club: New Orleans."

And it almost happened again yesterday.

LVMPD sent out another email to the media with more pictures of Harris and the female person of interest. This time, they included pictures of the popular R&B singer "Maya."

LVMPD was quick to correct that mistake and say they are no longer looking for any person of interest. Just Ammar Harris.

They say that he was the "lone gunman" in that shooting last Thursday that caused so much chaos and death on the Las Vegas Strip.