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Alleged Henderson burglary puts focus on doggy door security

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-09 23:22:34-05

Editor's note: 13 Action News is blurring the face of the person on camera because they have not been accused of a crime by authorities.

HENDERSON (KTNV) - “I’m not a fan of them," said John Perdichizzi, owner of ASAP Security, of doggy doors.

"When I go to a house and they have a doggy door, and they ask how to protect it, I usually tell them take it out and walk the dog,”

Despite not being a fan, Perdichizzi says there are ways to secure doggy doors in a home.

“If a doggy door is installed on a sliding door, then it’s very important to put some sort of a Charley Bar or lock on the bottom.”

He also suggests installing camera and alarms systems near the doggy door to keep an eye on it and notify you when your dog or something else comes through.

“You get notified and you see it’s not your dog and it’s a cat burglar, then you can call the police,” he said.

Michael Shoenfelt took that advice after he says his Henderson home was broken into in December before Christmas, and says he’s installed more cameras and motion sensors.

He lives in a neighborhood around the area of Palo Verde and Burkholder.

“If we had the camera in the back, we could have seen her going through the dog door, if she was still in the house or she left or notified the police," he said.

It’s a measure he hopes will deter any other future burglaries.

Henderson police say they are aware of burglary reports in the area. They are asking anyone with information to call police. No word on any suspects.