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Airbnb unhappy with stricter regulations in Las Vegas

Posted at 3:56 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 21:30:49-04

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council voted for stricter regulations on short-term rentals like Airbnb.

Those who want to use their homes for short-term rentals now must fill out this application to get a special permit that will cost more than $1,000. Owner-occupied homes with three bedrooms or less do not need the permit.

The City Council cites "instances of poorly managed properties that turn into weekend party houses" as one of the reasons for the stricter regulations. 

Renters who do everything right feel the vote washes away the whole crop of short-term rentals just to get a few bad apples.

"Party homes ruin our business too," said Chris Davis, who has a license to rent his house out. "We've had people come in and cause damage, and it's very difficult to recover from that."

Jewel Dixon is sick of how his street has become home base for tourists, drunk people, and several other nuisances. A video of his was shared at the council meeting where he counted more than 50 cars parked on his block.

"We've had so many incidents in the past, and it's gotten swept under the rug," Dixon said.

The issue of enforcement against party houses was discussed too, especially because this ordinance may not affect all of them since many are unlicensed to begin with.

The city council will be exploring the idea of constables who will work weekend nights.

Jasmine Mora, Airbnb's press secretary, responded to the City Council's vote with the following statement:

While dozens of cities around the globe are embracing the economic benefits of home sharing, today's decision is a step in the wrong direction that threatens an important economic lifeline for thousands of Las Vegas families. There are common sense solutions to address specific concerns and Airbnb is eager to work with policy makers to develop a better approach.

Mora also said that if anyone has a concern about an Airbnb listing to use their Neighbor Tool to submit a complaint.