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Aggressive solicitors have Summerlin neighbors concerned for safety

Posted at 6:53 PM, May 19, 2017

Neighbors living in the Villa Trieste neighborhood off Charleston Boulevard and the 215 beltway say they were concerned for their safety by two overly aggressive solicitors.

They say Wednesday, two salespeople from the Evolve Pest Control company were going door to door. They say the salespeople were yelling, opening gates, and knocking multiple times.

Board president Alan Altman says he tried to tell them the neighborhood is private and there are "no soliciting" and "no trespassing" signs. But they didn't seem to care.

He says the problem continued all day, and that some women at home alone in the neighborhood felt uncomfortable. 

He says it also appeared the two men may have been casing their neighborhood.

Altman says he called Las Vegas police. They arrived a few hours later and apparently questioned the two men but didn't arrest anyone.

13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert and retired Las Vegas police Lt. Randy Sutton says even if a sign is posted on private property, it's still not enough for an arrest.

His best advice is to simply not answer the door, and if you have an issue with solicitors, take it up with the company.

We went to Evolve Pest Control's office. Managers weren't there and didn't return our calls. Meanwhile Altman says he left them a negative Yelp review and wants to report them to the BBB.

He also says his neighborhood will be beefing up their private security.