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Affordable items that help protect your home from monsoon

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 01:51:22-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Monsoon is upon us. Rain and thunderstorms are possibly rolling in this week.

Here at Ace Hardware Store on Horizon Ridge Parkway, owner Renee Hoffman and Rolo are busy helping customers prepare for the storms.

"There's inexpensive fixes for everything to do before rather than waiting for afterwards when it's writing the big checks."

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Renee says have non-flammable light sources like a flashlight available in case of power outages.

Depending on the type, these cost anywhere from $5 to $15.

"If there is a chance there is a gas leak you do not want to light any candles inside your house."

Do you have potable water in stock at home? If not, now is a good time to get some.

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"In case the water sources become contaminated you want to make sure that you want plenty available."

Another advice, having propane handy will let you enjoy the luxuries like cooking and hot showers even if your power is out.

But what about those gaps in your windows? There's a seal for that starting at $3 at any hardware store.

"With the monsoon there's a big dust cloud that comes so you want to protect the inside of your house from that dust coming in."

The seals also prevent water from seeping in through those gaps in your windows.

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Outside your home, you can use gap fillers between the stucco and the natural gas line to secure it.

If you haven't had a professional take care of your roof, you can get protective coating for around $30.

"You just paint roll it into your roof and it'll secure any leaks that will be coming in."

We had a great spring. So if you have overgrown trees and plants around, make sure to trim them.

You may even have some of these tools already at home. Renee says it's better to be proactive than wait for mother nature to knock those trees down.

"If you cut your trees now, you're looking at less than $20. If you wait afterwards, then you're looking to having a chainsaw and you're more in the $100 range."