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Advocates push back against efforts to change Western Warriors mascot

Some say the Native American mascot is offensive
Posted at 5:01 AM, Mar 08, 2018

The battle over Western Warriors' mascot continues.

We first told you about the push to change the mascotat Western High School after some community members say it's stereotypical and offensive.

Now, there's a petition to keep the Native American mascot with more than 5,000 signatures. It has been delivered to Clark County School District and the principal of the high school. 

Craig Thompson and other Western High School graduates are pushing back against efforts to change their mascot. "We were taught that being a warrior was a great privilege."

Members of the Native American community in Las Vegas have been talking to leaders at Western, calling for schools to stop using these kinds of mascots and be sensitive to all cultures.

Amaia Marcos, a CCSD student says, "I think we need to start educating on how it's hurtful because if you don't know, then of course people are going to be resistant."

Those who want to keep the Native American mascot say it would take a lot of work and money to make the change.

Kelly Denton says, "It's going to be an expensive thing to change the motto. We have murals that need to be changed - the whole side of the school."

Those against the change say they don't mean to disrespect but this is more than just a symbol. It's a way of  life.

"With pride and honor and respect and take care of those who are less fortunate and strive to be as best as  you can be," says Thompson.

CCSD says Western High School administration will hold meetings addressing these concerns but there are no set days yet.