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Local mother claims substitute teacher assaulted daughter at school

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 07, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas mother claims a Clark County School District substitute teacher punched her daughter in the face.

Chervil Tatum says her daughter Skyla Brown came home from school Monday with a swollen cheek and an upsetting story.

"She's traumatized, she doesn't want to be around the teachers anymore," Tatum said.

Tatum said Cunningham Elementary school Assistant Principal, Jessica Alanano, reached out to her addressing that situation that allegedly had multiple witnesses.

She said it happened when her daughter was standing in line to go to PE.

"The substitute told her to be quiet, my daughter said okay, and then a punch was thrown," Tatum said. "She (my daughter) asked was it wrong that she said okay?"

Tatum also told 13 Action News that it's one thing that her daughter was assaulted but another how the school handled it.

She is questioning who the district is hiring as substitutes and how they're being screened.

According to the Nevada Department of Education, most substitutes are not licensed teachers, but in the state of Nevada, they need to undergo a background check, just as a licensed teacher would.

Tatum also thinks the school took too long to investigate and has yet to receive a phone call of remorse.

The school explained its actions in two emails to parents.

The Assistant Principal sent one stating:

"This is (a) serious incident and was investigated immediately. I personally investigated the incident diligently and have reported this incident to all entities and the responsible departments."

The principal of the school, Joyce Brooks, sent an email Thursday afternoon to parents referencing a non-specific incident - saying the school notified the proper agencies.

However, Skyla's mother said she is in the process of finding her daughter another school to attend and looking for an attorney as well.

"I want the school district to be liable, just because you can pass a background check, doesn't mean they should be able to teach," she said.