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A road construction nightmare

Posted at 6:50 PM, Nov 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-20 21:50:14-05
One valley woman says the construction around Warm Springs and Eastern is a daily headache and a danger, and that the construction has been going on far too long.
"You sit in traffic and you're almost ready to kill somebody there because it's been going on forever," said Eleonora Steinberg, who lives near Warm Springs and Eastern and has to travel the area regularly.
Construction in that area is part of the Paradise-Whitney Interceptor Project, which is replacing miles of sewer pipeline from Valley View and Serene to Nellis and Flamingo.
Steinberg said even outside of peak times, it is still a mess.
"To get through, it does take maybe not 20 minutes but it might take about 10 minutes, 10 or 12 minutes just to get through one intersection," she said.
The Clark County Water Reclamation District has been working in this area since March. They did work on Warm Springs from Eastern to Spencer from March to August.
In September, they started on Eastern from Sunset to Warm Springs.
Action News has gotten a lot of complaints about traffic in this area, so we went to find out what they are doing to ease the impact on drivers?
The Water District says they leave two lanes open during the day. To ease traffic, they try to only take out the big machinery and reduce it down to one lane at night. We asked what they recommend drivers do to avoid the area, but they could not give us suggestions of alternate routes.
For Steinberg that's not enough. She said she has been very close to several wrecks.
"I've seen a lot of very close calls with almost getting into an accident," Steinberg said.
One of her other frustrations was that when she drives through the area she says she rarely sees people working.
There's a reason for that. Most of the work is happening under ground.