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A look inside a medical marijuana supplier

Posted at 6:53 PM, Oct 14, 2015

There are a handful of marijuana suppliers across the state, but Green Life Productions in Pahrump does things differently.

The company has only been around a few months, but is already supplying to multiple dispensaries. Around 30 employees grow, trim, and package 18 different strains of marijuana.The company supplies loose flowers and pre-rolled joints right now, but the hope is to expand in the near future.

For the health benefits, it is all grown and harvested organically. The owner, Steven Cantwell, says he was inspired to get involved in the industry, and wanted to do it the right way.

"I was motivated to get into it for the right reasons to make sure there was quality product out there that was truly medicine and not just for recreational fun," he said.
Cantwell says organic cannabis cultivation helps ensure the product grows as it would naturally. Since this is medicine, he says adding chemicals could counteract the benefits.
The facility covers around 15,000 square feet, and every inch of that is being monitored around the clock. Dozens of cameras, gates, and on-site guards help reinforce the fact that safety is a top priority.