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DJ convention comes to Las Vegas at the perfect time as people flock to marry on 2/22/22

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Posted at 10:04 PM, Feb 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-22 02:12:06-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Tuesday, Feb. 22, or "Twosday" as many happy couples have been calling it, is set to break wedding records in Las Vegas as people flock to the marriage capital to tie the knot on a special date — 2/22/22.

At the same time, a DJ convention, the Mobile Entertainment Expo, has brought entertainers from around the country to town at just the right time for party planners like Jodi Harris, CEO of Fun Sight and Sound Events, to take advantage of the extra talent.

"Things are out of control," Harris said through a big laugh. "It's super busy, out of control."

Harris said business is so overwhelming she called for back-up from several out-of-towners including Sean "Big Daddy" Mckee who operates out of Connecticut.

"She asked me if I wanted to do a wedding with her and I said, are you kidding me? At Caesars Palace with my girl? Absolutely," McKee said.

Harris said the business boom has been a blessing after the pandemic halted celebrations of all kinds for months.

"What a difference a year makes," she said. "I'm in the social gathering business, not the social distancing business so it's been tough for us."

Harris said the unique dates in late February combined with pent-up demand for any real human contact has created the perfect party storm, and McKee said he's ready to join the action.

"We want to celebrate life and love, and for two years that was put on hold. Now? We can't get enough of it."

The 67-year-old entertainer said his life's mandate has been to spread joy and no pandemic would get in the way.

"Caesars Palace will never be the same when I'm done, when we're done with them. I promise you," he said.

McKee said it may be a little late to take her advice regarding weddings on special dates, but people should be planning well in advance to ensure they get everything they need to be taken care of while other people scramble at the last minute.