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A different kind of family: 1 October survivors help each other heal

Posted at 11:19 PM, Dec 09, 2017

Healing together on the long road to recovery for survivors of the 1 October-shooting.

Many of their scars are more than physical. Survivors are finding strength in each other. 

Ashley Williams survived the mass shooting. She organized a simple barbecue picnic at the Floyd Lamb Park Saturday afternoon. "Everybody around here, we walk up to each other and give each other hugs and pretend we're family already."

It's one of the things they do to help each other heal - one step at a time.

"Just walking outside the door and people hear a siren it starts to bring up certain feelings. We go out and we can look around our family and say hey, I see it in your eyes. Just come here," says Williams.

Horses for Heroes offered the venue.

Survivors came with their friends and families. Little children got to enjoy the food, petting zoo, and the bounce house.

Michael Scheidel is also a survivor. "Coming together as a new family with everybody here it's definitely helped me out a lot."

They have been looking out for one another. A different kind of family formed through tragedy.

Those who survived 1 October say knowing that someone understands the pain and that people care about them means the world.

"Somebody personally called metro out on me a few days ago this week for a welfare check. And I did appreciate that actually. Four officers came to my door to make sure I was fine," says Scheidel.

They appreciate the newfound family they have and support from people in the community.

"We're still hurting, but we're getting through this with the community's all around help," says Williams.