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81-year-old dies in ATV accident

Victim was searching for gold
Posted at 11:53 AM, Oct 04, 2016
One man is dead after an all-terrain vehicle accident in the desert area southeast of Meadview, Arizona.
Around 12:50 p.m. on Friday, 81-year-old Gilbert Melton Dunn and a friend were riding their ATVs in the desert looking for areas to prospect for gold. Investigators say Dunn was riding his ATV up a hill with a 70 percent incline when the front end of his vehicle came off the ground.
The ATV rolled front-over-back down the hill for 100 feet, then came to rest on top of Dunn. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Mohave County Search and Rescue, along with Mohave County Sheriff's deputies, assisted in recovering the body.