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5-year-old to run race honoring Officer Hartfield

Posted at 8:47 AM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-22 19:34:53-05

A five-year-old Henderson girl is training to run a road race to honor Officer Charleston Hartfield and other 1 October shooting victims.  

At just five-years-old, Theresa Ann will be one of the youngest to run the annual Officers Downroad race.  During the race, she'll be carrying a thin blue line flag that she plans to pass over to Officer Charleston Hartfield's family at the finish line. 

"She was really sad because an officer had lost his life," says her father, Robert Babcock. 

When Theresa Ann was just three-years-old, she set up a lemonade stand in Henderson to raise money for officers after the Baton Rouge police shooting.  Her father says the lemonade stand, and the race, are Theresa Ann's way of thanking them.  

"I'm honored that she appreciates the officers, and understands that they do a lot of hard work in the community and they don't get appreciation as much as they should," says Babcock. 

The Officers Down race will be held Saturday, January 27.  If you'd like to donate for Theresa Ann's race, you can click this link, and donate on behalf of Theresa Ann Babcock.