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5-year-old leaves Las Vegas school unsupervised

Parents say they weren't notified he was missing
Posted at 11:22 PM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 18:39:14-04

A mother and father are outraged after their son walked out of school Monday without anyone knowing.

Christian Bird, 5, was found about a quarter mile from Ober Elementary School where he is in kindergarten.

"That far from Ober, there is a serious, serious problem," said Gregory Bird, Christian's father.

Melissa Baker, the school's principal, says school staff lost track of Christian on his way from the nurse's office to the lunch room.

When he didn't show up at lunch, they searched until a parent called that she's found him and brought him back.

"My 5-year-old outsmarted all of you," Bird said. "You know, in a bad way."

Baker says the school is adding to its protocol to make sure something like this never happens again, including making sure Christian is escorted between rooms and school periods.

Gregory Bird isn't thrilled with that idea.

"I don't want my son singled out like, 'Oh, we have to watch Christian,' like he's a bad child," he said.

Bird and Christian's mother, Linda Ojeda, both emphasized their son is in kindergarten and this wasn't his fault.

"If a 5-year-old can do it, what's going to stop a kid that really tries to hide and sneak out?" Ojeda said.

Christian hasn't been back at school since Monday and his parents say he won't be going back.

Bird and Ojeda are looking at transfer options for him to finish out the school year.