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2,000 come out for holiday job fair at Gold Coast

Posted at 7:31 PM, Oct 26, 2016

The Gold Coast hotel-casino wrapped up its 2-day holiday job fair on Wednesday.

Event organizers said about 2,000 people made their way through the doors hoping to land a job.

"It would be nice if money just rained on us, but we know that doesn't happen unless I just go to the slot machine -- pull it and those coins just come flying out. And that would be the best Christmas ever," said Sheilaya Irby.

Until then, Irby, a mother of 2 who recently moved to Las Vegas from lllinois, came to get a job.

"I see a lot of opportunity to help us get through the Christmas season -- to the point it might land us a long term opportunity," said Irby.

73-year-old Lawrence Eastman is retired from the military. He was there to find temporary work.

"I have plenty of experience, but it's really kind of hard because of my age," Eastman said.

19-year-old Arturo Colin was there to gain work experience.

"Currently, I am living with my family and I am trying to float the boat. I'm just trying to keep my family fed," Colin said.

28-year-old Matthew Shine quit his job to take care of his mother who was battling cancer.

"My mom is now cancer free, now I am just trying to find a new career path either working for the Border Patrol or one of the casinos," Shine said.

Either way, he said, "Sometimes when life gets hard, you have to tie you shoes tighter and just keep looking forward."