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Fire department issues warning after 2 major fires within 24 hours

Posted at 11:10 PM, Jun 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 11:14:54-04

Crews have been busy over the past few days putting out a series of fires across the Las Vegas valley.

Saturday, a massive fire downtown displaced two people and damaged four properties.

Strong winds pushed flames from a home on the 1400 block of Manzanita Way onto the house next door. This is the second major fire in the city within 24 hours and firefighters are urging people to be more careful.

"It is pretty scary because it went up in like 20 minutes. The fire was so hot my TV melted off the wall."

13 Action News spoke with one of the residents in that multifamily rental home on Manzanita Way.

"I have nothing left. I have my belongings and my dog."

Crews were on standby all night to ensure a flare up doesn't happen due to the winds.

Just a day before, a similar situation happened near Alta Drive and Decatur Boulevard.

Strong winds blew and spread embers from a fire pit into a neighbor's yard causing their home to catch fire.

"It just takes a person throwing a cigarette out onto the street and letting it roll under some bushes," said Las Vegas Fire and Rescue's Tim Szymanski.  "We've actually had houses that were damaged or burned down just because of people just throwing the cigarette out the window."

Szymanski says both incidents happened while a red flag warning is in effect, which means conditions are favorable for fire spread and outside burning should be avoided.

He says people should take extra precautions.

"Monsoon season is starting. We're going to have dry lightning – we have a lot of fires that are started by dry lightning."

Another word of advice, keep your yard clean and green. Clean out any unwanted debris and make sure to over water your plants. Dry grass and plants catch fire quickly.