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2 online charter schools issued a notice of closure

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jan 27, 2017
CORRECTION: 13 Action News initially reported that Discovery Charter School and Nevada Connections would close after today's vote. This is incorrect. The Nevada State Public Charter School Authority offered a clarification as to what will happen to the schools.
The Board of Commissions voted to issue a notice of closure. This means that schools will be given another 30 days to file a "cure" to show that they have improved. The Board will have another meeting in March to determine the fate of the schools. Until then, both Discovery Charter School and Nevada Connections will operate as normal.
Many students attending charter schools online will now have to find a new school. 
Board members decided on Friday to shut down Discovery Charter School and Nevada Connections.
The problem is low graduation rates. The state has a required graduation rate of 60-percent. These schools have rates much lower than that. 
Tensions were high as board members made the decision.
There is some good news though. Beacon Academy and Silver State Charter Schools are safe for now.
They've been making improvements, but need to continue to improve if they want to stay open.