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15-year-old organizer grows Henderson toy convention

Posted at 10:01 PM, Jun 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-24 14:56:19-04

The Las Vegas area is known for hosting conventions and trade shows gathering people from all over the world, but not many are run by 15-year-olds.

Nana Sarfo is the organizer of LPSCON, a convention for fans of Littlest Pet Shop, small animal toys created by the Hasbro company.

"After school, I plan. That's basically all I do," says Nana. She's been organizing the convention since she was 12. "I used to play with them but now it's more of a collection thing."

Her first year started with just a few dozen people in the park with Sarfo's mom providing snacks and waters. Now, it's big enough for the Henderson Convention Center and more than 300 people from around the country have shown up.

This year, they have a marketplace to buy and trade the toys, and craft vendors. It was enough to get Amber, who makes YouTube videos about the toys, to travel 5 hours from California to Vegas for the convention.

As for Sarfo, she wants to grow her convention even more next year. Her goal is to have Hasbro become an official sponsor.