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What is 13 Connects?

Posted at 4:55 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2019-03-22 11:54:17-04

As local broadcasters, helping make the Las Vegas region a better place to live, work and play is central to KTNV's mission. We’re out to make a measurable impact on Southern Nevada’s critical issues by raising awareness and empowering others to act. KTNV is partnering with local businesses and community leaders to help provide valuable connections to resources and support.

Our areas of focus will be on the following critical issues in Southern Nevada:

1. Education
Nevada ranks 47th in graduation rate. Our secondary education system is often cited as a reason for new employers NOT to move to Southern Nevada. In a technology-focused world, we need a skilled workforce to address.

2. Financial Stability

Over 300,000 Southern Nevada residents live in poverty. 21.6% of households are low income. 13%don’t know where their next meal is coming from. As financial stability is achieved, school attendance improves, graduation rates improve, and children are more prepared to enter the workforce.

3. Safety & Security

The chances of becoming a victim in a violent crime is 1 in 107 people in Las Vegas. In 2016, there was one violent crime committed in Nevada every 26 minutes, 32 seconds.

4. Healthcare

Las Vegas ranked #241 out of 306 for Access and Affordability in the 2016 Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on Local Health System Performance.  We ranked at #280 for Prevention and Treatment. 14.4% of our population did not have access to a reliable source of food during the past year.
Our mission is to improve the lives of others by actively participating in the Las Vegas community.  KTNV-TV and the 13 Connects partners educate, inform, and bring together the Las Vegas region to better the community as a whole. 13 Connects is helping to move Southern Nevada Forward. Together.