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Summer Challenge combats learning loss

Posted at 5:22 AM, May 28, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — School's out. And now your kids are on the so called "summer slide." It's those months when they lose what they learned last school year. But they don't have to. The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is issuing your kids a summer challenge.

Alese Coyle brings her daughters to the library every week. And every summer, her family participates in the library's reading program.

"I want them to be curious about things even when they're not in the school year. Books are the best way to do this."

The library district says kids who don't read all summer experience 3 months of reading loss over the summer. But there's more. Shana Harrington is the youth services manager at the library. She says, "We've learned recently not only is there reading loss, there is science, math, and all kinds of learning loss as well."


Enter the Summer Challenge. It's like the reading challenge in the past where kids earned points for reading except now they can also earn points for taking classes at the library.

The classes can be in any subject that interests them like sewing, cooking, taking STEM classes, or even learning to be a DJ. Harrington says It's all in an effort to get middle and senior high school students involved. "Older kids, it may not be as appealing. Reading. Just reading isn't necessarily going to get them in our doors. To get them to participate in summer challenge, we need to entice them in different ways."

This year's summer challenge has some whopping prizes involving the Golden Knights. Your kids could be entered to win the grand prize of a signed hockey stick.

But for Alese's 8- and 6-year-old daughters, it's all about the fun of reading.

"I help her find the books that she might want."
"I picked this one because it looks funny and cool. Hubble, bubble, granny trouble."

To participate, just go to any library branch or sign up on their website.