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100-degree heat beams down on outdoor workers

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 21:47:27-04
The Las Vegas Valley is bracing for dangerously hot temperatures. An excessive heat warning goes into effect tomorrow Friday.
Our 13 Action News crew spoke to people whose jobs force them outdoors.
“I just remember, you know what, I'm going to get hungry at some point, or I'm going to want to sleep in a bed,” said sign-spinner Felipe Umana. “Keep in mind that it's just temporary."Umana. “Keep in mind that it's just temporary."
Umana hit hard times not too long ago, taking on a job as a sign-spinner to make ends meet. He didn't realize what he signed up for until seeing the weather forecast on the news.
"I saw 105, 108, and I was like wow. I better drink a lot of ice water,” Umana says.
He says constant breaks are vital.
"My employer lets me run in whenever I need to get water," said Umana.
The car washers at Oasis Car Wash stocked up on water at the beginning of the day but drank bottle after bottle until they suddenly running out
"Usually, everybody has to buy their own water,” said car washer Roberto del Cid. “Sometimes they put water outside, but right now there is none. It's too hot. We are drinking a lot."
When we asked what keeps him motivated to stay on the job and get through, Roberto says it all comes down to his love for his family.
"It's really hard to work under these temperatures, but you know, we have to put food on our tables so we have to do it."