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10-year-old youngest to train at Las Vegas Gunfights

Posted at 7:31 AM, May 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-29 14:13:27-04
He's a highly trained fighter and shooter, but he's only 10 years old.
Ethan Sanchez is the youngest client in the history of the Las Vegas Gunfights.
For some, it might be uncomfortable to watch Ethan shoot and even tackle his own dad.
"When he was little I never imagined that he would be shooting at me. I don't think any dad ever thinks that you're going to be shot at, but I like seeing his intensity and his discipline," said Fernando Sanchez, Ethan's father.
You don't see fear in Ethan's eyes. Actually, it's the opposite.
"It's very fun. When you get hit, it stings a little, but you have to have the perseverance to go through it," said Ethan.
Ethan got a black belt when he was six. He comes to the Las Vegas Gunfights to practice on real, human targets. The rounds are non-lethal training ammo, but they come at you faster and harder than a paintball.
Ethan is training for a military career.
"My brother did it and I had to do something else where I didn't get shot and now I get shot so it's fun," said Ethan.
The owner of the Las Vegas Gunfights, Nephi Oliva, wants to recruit more kids Ethan's age for a young guns program. 
"There's no kid that goes out there and takes martial arts classes and then becomes the school bully. That's not the nature of discipline," said Oliva.
Oliva believes this kind of shooting and fighting actually curbs violence outside the arena.